TK22 Electronic Control Board PANTHER
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Replaces the RX18 as a complete control unit in your Tank.

TK series controller uses 4 channels RC system to control R/C tank's forward/backward movement, sharp turning, pivoting, turret rotation and gun barrel evaluation at variable speed 

* Plug-and-Play design for upgrading HL 1/16 RC Tank ( Modification required to Tank for servo elevation and servo recoil )

 *  20A track motor driver

 * 22KHz, 8-bit high quality sound with digital sound mixer

 Maximum of 5 channel of sound track, main gun, machine gun, turret rotate, gun barrel elevation and engine sound can be generated at the same time 

3W sound output power  0.8A BEC 

Support air-soft gun with sound synchronization 

 Support TAMIYA and HL IR battle unit and format

 * Support RealRecoil servo port

 * Safety shutoff prevents unwanted movement while signal lost

 * Auto R/C signal detection 

*Miniature design(60mm X 50mm X 20mm) for 1/25~1/16  R/C Tank


Immortal Hobbies ships the TK22 WITH BOTH IR Emitter/Connector  and Barrel Flash Connectors/Led

  • Item #: 912912912023
  • Manufacturer: Clark Electronics
  • Condition: New

TK22 Electronic Control Board PANTHER

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