Leopard 2A6

Leopard 2A6 is a German made Main Battle Tank that is thought of as the best Main Battle Tank in service today.  Modern tanks have little in common with WWII metal other than the basic idea of an armored shell that can return fire and be a mobile asset. Modern MBT's can achieve flat out speeds of 60kmh or more, They can fire accurately at any speed and they can communicate not only with other tanks in their force but with airborne assets, Infantry and marine units. They are highly effective fighting units that were in Guderian's dreams. The Leopard 2A6 ranks above or equal to any other Main Battle Tank around the world.

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Clark Amplifier 6 watt Clark Programmer for Airsoft Tanks Heng Long Wire Package
Clark Amplifier 6 wattClark Programmer for Airsoft TanksHeng Long Wire Package

Clark 6 watt amnplifier for the TK35 and TK22 boards. External board, must have a wire modification from Heng Long speaker out and a power source is required. Clark's instructions are available in PDF format sent as a seperate e-mail from...

Programmer Cable for Clark TK Series Boards.  Just plug into the Clark board in the appropraite slot, Aim your sony remote and start setting preferences.

Tank Wire Package with connectors attached to each individual wire.




Leopard 2A6 Metal Road Wheels Sony Remote for Programming Clark Boards TBU Base for Clark Board
Leopard 2A6 Metal Road WheelsSony Remote for Programming Clark BoardsTBU Base for Clark Board

Taigen Metal Road Wheels for the Heng Long Leopard 2A6.

Bearings, rubber rims, comes with springs and metal suspension arms. These are very nice and are extremely smooth. What more could your kitty want other than these road wheels.

Sony Remote for Programming Clark board



TBU Base for Clark Board 5 Pin connector for Tamiya Type Infra Red Battle reciever




TK22 Electronic Control - Leopard 2 Volume Control  High Quality Steel Gear Box for Leopard 2A6
TK22 Electronic Control - Leopard 2Volume Control High QualitySteel Gear Box for Leopard 2A6

TK22 Replaces the RX18 as a complete control unit in your Tank. TK series controller uses 4 channels RC system to control R/C tank's forward/backward movement, sharp turning, pivoting, turret rotation and gun barrel evaluation at variable speed *...

High Quality Volume Control to replace the Standard "stock" item in your Tank.  Comes complete with a knob that can be removed ( Knob held on by a grub screw ) and is pre wired, tested for use after assembly.

Black Steel Gears This gearbox has High Tension Shafts and black Steel Gears for added Durability. This gearbox will give your Leopard 2A6 scale speeds of 47 mph




Gearbox - Bulldog/Jagdpanther/Panther/KV-1/King Tiger Leo 2A6 Metal Tracks/Rubber Pads Leopard 2A6 Metal Drive & Idler Wheels
Gearbox - Bulldog/Jagdpanther/Panther/KV-1/King TigerLeo 2A6 Metal Tracks/Rubber PadsLeopard 2A6 Metal Drive & Idler Wheels

Black Anodized Gearbox and Motors 3 to 1 Ratio - 3 extra gear pinions included to fine tune your speed, Torque Gear removal Tool Included Gears are made of Brass Motors and -/+ wires pre-connected Ready To Install 

Mato Mteal Tracks for the Heng Long Leopard 2A6 complete with Rubber pads. The detail on these tracks is excellent

Metal Drive and Idler Wheel for Heng Long Leopard 2A6. Very good detail is the first thing you will notice about these wheels.




Turnigy 9X System Upgrade Package Battery - 5000 mah Nimh Rechargeable
Turnigy 9XSystem Upgrade PackageBattery - 5000 mah Nimh Rechargeable

Our 9X Radio is not the standard Radio so do not bother doing a price comparison. The radio sold by Immortal Hobbies is loaded with modifications to make it the near perfect system for your Tanks. For $109.00 you get a a value of at least double...

2.4ghz 6 Channel Radio, Reciever, Clark TK22 Board, All in one packaged and programed. ( Preferential settings on the Clark TK22 still need to be set, but tell us and we will do the work ) )


Rechargeable 6800 Mah Nimh Battery, 6 cell with Tamiya style connector. 





Battery - 3000 mah Nimh Rechargeable Charger TB6AC4 Charger TB6AC
Battery - 3000 mah Nimh RechargeableCharger TB6AC4Charger TB6AC

Rechargeable 3000 Mah Nimh Battery, 6 cell with Tamiya style connector. 

4 channel Intelligent Charger Lipo, Life, LiLo, Pb, Nimh and Nicad Maximum Discharge Current: 1A Charge Current: Standard: 0.1 to 5.0A Number of Cells: 1 to 6S, Up to 15 cells for Nimh Indicators: LCD Charging Indicator: Compatible Chemistry:...

Single Pack Intelligent Charger for a variety of Batteries




Charger TB6AC4 480 Motors Battle Unit
Charger TB6AC4480 MotorsBattle Unit

Single Cell Charger for a variety of packs. Automatic protection

7.2v 480 by Maxxpro. This is serious power for the heavy Tanker.

RBU Battle Unit This battle unit plugs into Tamiya style 5 pin connections. We have tested this unit and in our Tank we have accepted hits from a distance of 90 feet. In addition at a distance of 27 feet our Tank would not accept a hit when our...




High Intensity Flash Infra Red Reciever Premium HiTec Recoil/Elevation MICRO Servo
High Intensity FlashInfra Red RecieverPremium HiTec Recoil/Elevation MICRO Servo

High Tension Flash for all Tank Barrels. This is a super bright flash for inside you cannon barrel to make that impression. standard plugs for most Tank Types like Heng Long, Taigen etc.

Infra Red Reciever

HiTec  HS-82MG Servos have metal gears for durability and extra strength. Less long term maintenance




HiTec Recoil/Elevation Servos SUPER SMOKER II AK Iraq and Afghanistan Color Set
HiTec Recoil/Elevation ServosSUPER SMOKER IIAK Iraq and Afghanistan Color Set

HiTec  HS-81 Servos

Yes, This is the Super Smoker II. Fan powered, proportional speed smoker. Complete unit with spare fluid and a measuring device. Unlike other smokers the Super Smoker provides ample smoke output at all speeds of your vehicle. The fan draws fresh...

This six color set allows you to paint the sand colored paint schemes as seen on vehicles recently deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq




Ammo Scratches Effect Ammo NATO Camouflage Wash Ammo Light Dust Acrylic
Ammo Scratches EffectAmmo NATO Camouflage WashAmmo Light Dust Acrylic
A revolutionary product to be used for creating scratches and surface wear. Apply a base layer of acrylic paint, a layer of Scratches Effect followed by a top layer of acrylic paint. When dry, moisten area with water and the gently scrub using a...

 Enamel wash ideally matched for use over NATO and other dark camouflage schemes. Apply on details and remove excess with a clean brush moist with Enamel Thinner.

 Light colored enamel that can be used to create dusty effects on surfaces.  Apply with a brush or airbrush and then fade with a clean brush moist in Enamel Thinner.




Whip Antennae German Style Gas Can Battery 2500 mah AA for Radios
Whip AntennaeGerman Style Gas CanBattery 2500 mah AA for Radios

 Change the Appearence with our Custom Length Whip Antenae. Metal with plastic coating for 2.4Ghz Radios.

German Style Gas Can   Sold in sets of two cans, Unpainted Metal

Package of 8 ( Thats right 8 batteries per package ) 1.2v  3000 mah Nimh Batteries perfect for RC Radios wether it is a standard Heng Long unit or any branded Radio.